How to Create New Projects

Here you can set-up new projects and manage active projects.

There are 2 ways to create a project.

1) Create a project from scratch.

2) Convert an Idea-Vue into a project.

Here’s how to create project from scratch:

From the dashboard, click “Projects” (

Click on “New Project”.

Fill in the requiredfields.

If your client is already in the system, their name will appear in the drop down box. Otherwise, click “Add New Client”.

Project address and client address are usually the same, but they can be different. The client address is typically a billing address or primary address. Project address might differ from client address if the project is a vacation home or second residence.

Notes and add photo are optional. These fields can be used to help you remember important details, like “wants eco-friendly” or a photo of the current decor.

Please note: Project information can be edited, so if you don’t have all the information on hand, you can put in temporary information (like your own address) and update the information later. Just remember – all information must be accurate prior to scheduling services or placing an order.

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