Product Sourcing

How to source and sample products

Sourcing and sampling on DEZIGNED. is meant to be simple and efficient so you can find exactly what your client is looking for. We’ve built an extensive product catalog and are continuing to add new products every day so you can source all of your materials in one place!

Clicking on the product tab on the navigation bar to the left of your screen will bring you to the screen below.

DEZIGNED. Product Sourcing Screen_9@2x

Here you can source by our various categories, what’s trending, or by style. Each category has hundreds of brands for you to browse through.

Filters dezigned

Using these filters for each category can help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, ultimately saving your hours of sourcing. Find that blue striped carpet that you’ve been looking for in minutes!

After you find a couple of products that you like you can or

Request a Sample

der samples. To do so, you simply click on the “Actions” button and select “Request Sample”.

You can then select a previously saved address or add a new one to send the samples to. You can also select multiple addresses to have the samples sent to both you and your client to help them make their final decision. There is a limit of 10 free samples request per day. Any additional samples will be charged an additional fee.

dezigned Sample Address