Sourcing Pet Friendly Carpet

How to find pet friendly carpet. What kinds of carpets, and what carpet brands, are good for cats, dogs, and pets?

Pet friendly is mostly synthetics. If you’re concerned about pets urinated on the carpet, you’d probably want to look for nylon (and avoid wool).

Another way to ensure pet friendly is by purchasing the proper padding, which has a film over the top to prevent the pad from absorbing urine. If you order carpet from us, we will be sure to get you the proper padding.

How to search Pet Friendly carpet on DEZIGNED.

1) You can type “stain” in the “contains text” field in our product search. This will bring up all products with “stain-resistant” in the description.

2) Type “pet” in the “contains text” search field. This will show you about 15 pages of products that are branded as pet friendly (including Dixie, Shaw & Masland). Most of these offer guarantees.

Tuftex & Stanton also have good options.


We have several collections that could work in a home with pets. Cut pile minimizes the chances of the pet’s claws pulling the fiber. There are some nice options from Stanton and Kaleen. “Shaggy Superstar” by Stanton is color-treated, so that’s a great option if your client is worried about the pet soiling the carpet. Other carpets can be fiber-sealed to make cleaning easier. Risk will always vary depending on the activity-level of the pet — no shag will stand up well to digging or chewing at the carpet. But for a pet who is reasonably well behaved, there are several good options!